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I recently created a video with advice about skin care & acne care. I introduced my acne management system. It is by no means a complete cure. I still suffer with acne, however, it is entirely controlled & my skin hasn’t been this clear in a very long time. Anytime I get a breakout, it means that I have neglected my routine, which isn’t very often at all. As soon as I get back on track, my acne is gone again. I have been able to control my acne with this system even around the hormonal time of the month when many women suffer with a breakout.

I started drinking fresh ginger root tea in September of 2015. It was upon recommendation of my aunt who I went to visit in New York. I had some food that upset my stomach & she prepared some ginger tea. Ginger is not my favourite, nor do I like it in tea. Ginger is a common ingredient in Indian Chai so I know its not something I like because I’ve tried it before. I decided to drink it & I knew it would help with an upset stomach. The next morning she prepared it for me again & since I knew I had a long day ahead I drank it. I usually always have a cup of tea before bed at night so again I had ginger tea. My aunt, bless her heart, keep grating the ginger for the tea & over the next few days I kept drinking it. Two and a half days later, my skin exploded. All my cystic bumps came to the surface. By the next day, my skin wasn’t as red, itchy & painful as it usually is. Within a week of this tea, day & night, my skin was clearing up. I literally had not seen it that clear for more than 14 months.

Preparation for tea: grate some fresh ginger into a pot with water & a tea bag or loose tea & bring to a boil. Add milk & sweetener if desired. Bring to a boil again. Strain out the ginger & tea bag/loose tea & drink.

Another part of my management system is zinc supplements. Zinc promotes healthy skin by carrying vitamin A to your skin and by regulating your body’s hormonal balance. Vitamin A is necessary in skin cell turnover. According to some studies done, zinc promotes a cell death that should occur naturally in skin called apoptosis. The drug isotertinoin (market name: Accutane or Roaccutance) , also promotes this and is what helps sufferers of acne to overcome it. I don’t know about anyone else but I rather supplement zinc in my body than resort to isotretinoin which is known to cause harmful side effects & takes many weeks to work on acne.

And lastly, I have my acne under control by my diet. No, not going vegan and not depriving myself either. I crave sweets a lot & I love carbs & dairy. Milk is my most favourite beverage. I grew up having a full glass of milk every single morning & I crave milk everyday. Dairy, caffeine, sugar & carbs are some of the worst things you can put into your body in general but even more so if you suffer with acne. I have found that depriving myself cold turkey of all of these makes me moody & miserable. For me, it makes sense to curb my consumption habits by not being so hard on myself. If I absolutely crave sweet & dairy one day, I allow myself to have it. This actually helps a lot. I don’t feel deprived and as a result I have less of  the things I shouldn’t have than if I were to cut myself off completely. I will admit that I do have milk in my tea everyday, but a very small amount & it doesn’t seem to interfere with my system. As far as regular food goes, I don’t go overboard on fast food nor do I eat red meat. I eat a lot of fish which is high in zinc & omega 3 fatty acids which helps with acne as well. A well balanced diet & curbing sugar cravings is the way to go. Everyone is different though. This is what works for me & hopefully you have found it helpful.

Products mentioned:
These two things were a game changer for my acne; GINGER & ZINC

Also note: Diet changes & consumption habit changes

St. Ive’s Green Tea Gel Cleanser OR
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Wash

Cleansing tool:
Clarisonic Mia

Toner/Chemical Exfoliant:
Stridex Touch Pads (BHA – 2% Salicylic Acid)

Simple Light Moisturizer – daytime
Simple Rich Moisturizer + Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – night-time


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  1. Amazing post, very interesting and helpful, I am struggling too to clean up my diet and supplements are great too, makes a lot of difference still on the journey but my skin is looking better than it ever has in years. Do check out my blog if you’re interested at it is dedicated to oily and sensitive skin types

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