I remember very clearly watching “The Secret” movie when it become popular in 2007. How did I never hear about this before? I believe whatever we need to know comes to us at the time we are ready to absorb it. From that point til today, I know that I have the power to achieve anything I want. Looking back I realize that the movie (& book which I read shortly after) was literally the tip of the iceberg. Although, how do I describe the majestic universe just as a mere iceberg! It doesn’t compare.

I have read numerous books, looked at countless documentaries since & of course had many experiences. One thing I have to say is that if you do not turn your thoughts into action, this law will not manifest. That was one thing that was lacking within The Secret. I kept thinking the thoughts & hoping & wishing but never realized that action was required. So I felt disappointed often. Guess what though? The minute you add action to your thoughts they will become so useful! We should never feel entitled or that we are owed anything. We have to put in the work necessary to manifest our dreams.

I have always felt like I am here for a powerful purpose but I’ve never been able to establish what that purpose is. So this is what the journey is. Finding it. The main goal at the end of the day is to help & inspire others. We have to take our thoughts and turn it into action to make a difference. I will continue to talk about my self-development journey as I continue blogging.

Thanks for reading! xo6217006_orig


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