Is Dairy Causing Your Acne?

Is Milk Causing Your Acne1-

Maintaining clear skin is a part of my life. When I write posts about acne, its always from observations & personal experience. I have tried many things inclusive of medications & topical solutions but I admit quite happily that the source of my relief comes down to a few minor adjustments to my diet, lifestyle choices & simplifying my skincare routine. I am always learning something new & I am always happy to share!

Has dairy played a major role in causing my acne?Ā 04-ff-export-incentive-130-ab

From everything I’ve read & observed, my acne is inflammatory. This means that my skin is prone to reacting to inflammation hence causing clogged pores & breakouts. The simplest way to eliminate the breakouts, is to lower my intake of foods that are known to be inflammatory. Dairy is notorious for causing inflammation & can certainly trigger acne.

Milk comes from animals that are pregnant, so their bodies are surging with hormones. The hormones are responsible for causing inflammation. Anything you consume that contains milk with aggravate your skin & cause breakouts. This includes but is not limited to milk, cheese, butter, buttermilk, ice cream, chocolate, eggs etc. If you are a fan of dairy, as I am, this will make you very sad. I used to drink at least a full cup of milk a day which is usually in my coffee or tea. Sometimes, I’d have more than that if I would have cereal at night as well. So we are talking about 2 cups of milk a day. Sometimes it would be more when you count butter, cheese, chocolates (all favourites of mine). My skin would be red, flare up, & be irritated, itchy, bumpy & it depressed me as you can imagine. I honestly didn’t see an end to my acne because of its severity and especially as I have had clear skin most of my life. Acne has been affecting me since 2014 – so its been 2 years & ongoing.

Do you need to eliminate dairy altogether? It depends. Everyone reacts differently. For me, after experimenting with different amounts, I know I can have just a quarter cup per day & maintain clear skin. I know if I had none at all, my skin would be even better, but I do love milk especially in my daily cup of coffee or tea. On days that I have cheese, I try not to have milk & vice versa. When I consume past a quarter of a cup, I can see it in my skin right away. It looks clogged & textured & the minute I cut back again, my skin is clearer.

If you are suffering from acne or breakouts that are red, itchy, painful & inflamed & sit mostly beneath the surface of your skin & doesn’t come to a head, you probably have inflammatory acne & you will 100% benefit from observing whether dairy is a major cause of your skin issues. Give it a try & let me know if this helped you. I’d love to hear from you šŸ™‚

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  1. Great post! I have been on a dairy free diet for about one year and I have definitely noticed a reduction in acne and cystic acne. I’m still working on getting rid of closed comedones though :(.

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    1. Thank you! Yes dairy is a major culprit. I’m writing a post about something that has really helped me clear up acne and still be able to have a 1/4 cup for the most in my tea or coffee for the day! That post is coming up this week. Thanks for your comment! šŸ™‚


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