Moisturizer for Oily Skin

The irony of the statement: Moisturizer for Oily Skin ! If I have oily skin, why would I want to apply more moisture? In this post, I explain why & choose a product for you I’ve been loving for years & has given me tremendous improvement in the overall look & health of my skin.

Why do we need to moisturize oily skin?

Oily skin happens when excess oil (sebum) is released from our oil (sebaceous) glands due to high levels of the androgen hormone. Skin can be oily for several reasons but this is the main cause. We tend to believe that adding more moisture to our skin will cause us to become a greasy mess. On the contrary, ensuring your skin is getting adequate moisture can actually send the signal to your glands that you have supplied it with the necessary & it will calm down. I never knew this until I started to suffer with acne & noticed that my skin was both oil & dry at the same time. Meaning that I continued to strip it of oil with cleansers & medication & it continuously produced excess oil. This excess oil caused more acne & the cycle continued. I noticed that when I got myself into a regular skincare routine & added moisturizer to the recipe, I had less oil being produced by my glands. The magic formula!

 I swear by Simple’s Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer for years. I found it while just browsing at the supermarket. I didn’t go in with the intention to buy moisturizer (since I had never really used any consistently before) but the price was very reasonable & I thought I’d try it out. I like to be able to purchase products locally, because if I love them, I can always repurchase. I had seen Simple’s skincare line on many shelves island-wide so that was already good news.

This moisturizer is both light-weight & hydrating as the name suggests. It contains no harsh chemicals, perfumes or dyes & is perfect for sensitive skin. It almost smells like a cream that has lost its scent. It’s not offensive in any way however. The consistency is like a light, almost whipped, lotion. Its very smooth & feels like air. Applied to your skin, it is quickly absorbed with no greasy residue. I have found this to be an excellent boost of hydration that lasts all day long & it never feels like I’m wearing anything on my skin.

My favourite aspect of this moisturizer is how great it is as a primer underneath my makeup. Living in the tropics, your makeup is the first thing to break down in the heat & humidity. A good primer can help your makeup last but at the same time if the primer is too drying it can cause your makeup to grease up. I know, its so much to think about! To make it simple for you, if you have oily skin, you want to keep your skin hydrated to minimize the excess oils &the same goes for your primer. You want your primer to hydrate your skin so that excess oils wouldn’t come through to break down your makeup. I love this product under my makeup!

I highly recommend this product from SImple’s line. It’s affordable, effective, smooth, light-weight & hydrating. A holy grail moisturizer for oily skin!

Thanks for reading x


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