My Makeup Removal Routine

I get asked a lot how I remove my makeup effectively. Ever since my battle with acne, I’ve finally had a good consistent makeup removal routine. I’ve been cleaning my skin following these steps with these products for over a year now & I haven’t looked back. I wanted to create a list form to sort of give a recipe feel to my method.
Products in order of application:
Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil
Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover + Cotton rounds
Clarisonic Mia Brush Cleanser
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
Stridex Alcohol Free Maximum BHA (2% Salicylic Acid) wipes
Β Method:
1. With a full face of makeup on, I put 3-4 pumps of Neutrogena Cleansing oil in the palm of my hands, rub it a little & apply it straight onto my face. I rub this around my face liberally in circular motions til I see all the makeup melting off. I gently rub this onto my closed eyes as well. It doesn’t burn or sting & its amazing with removing the bulk of my eye makeup, including water proof mascara & liner. I then start rinsing my face with tepid water. This cleansing oil doesn’t leave behind any residue. The water mixing with the oil forms an emulsification & the makeup, dirt & impurities just rinse away. It is the most effective, gentle, non-irritating product I’ve found to remove 90% of my makeup. It’s a holy grail for me.
neutrogena cleansing oil

2. Next I vigorously shake up my bottle of Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover & apply some of it to a cotton round and rest it on my eyes & move it around gently to loosen up any remaining eye makeup. I then wipe away all of the remaining makeup on & around my eyes that my 1st step didn’t catch.
neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover

3. I take my Clarisonic Mia brush cleanser & put a few drops of Tea Tree cleanser on it & use this to exfoliate my face. I only use my Clarisonic when I want to remove my make. Otherwise I use it only once a week to exfoliate. After the Clarisonic shuts off automatically, I rinse off the excess cleanser. At this point every trace of makeup is removed.

4. As a follow up step & extra exfoliation, I use my Stridex pads. I take one of the cotton rounds provided in the container & swipe it all across my face. I focus most of it on my T-zone but I also bring this down my neck.
stridex maximum

I guarantee, after following these steps, your face will be clean, smooth, bacteria-free & ready to absorb the rest of your skin care items. If you suffer with acne as I do, you will find this routine extremely beneficial & rewarding.

Thanks for reading! x


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