Product Review: Stridex

If you’ve been trying to do everything right by your skin and still getting breakouts, you may be missing something. Keeping bacteria at bay requires some serious action. Declogging your pores regularly is going to have a huge impact on the overall clarity of your skin.
Salicylic acid is a BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which is an essential pore declogger & bacteria fighting agent. I’ve written a separate blog post all about BHA’s & AHA’s hereΒ if you want to learn more.
Stridex touch pads have been one of my major breakthrough products with the improvement of my acne & overall appearance & texture of my skin.

It’s a simple product but its so incredibly effective. All you need to do is swipe one of these soaked touch pads over your cleansed face 1-2 times per day & allow it to dry. I use it once per day at night just 15 minutes before I apply my moisturizer. It instantly brightens, tightens & clarifies your skin. You will see an immediate change. The salicylic acid is able to penetrate tough, stubborn oils in the upper layer of the skin & clear out white & blackheads. AHA’s on the contrary arent’t able to penetrate oils which make them a little less efficient when compared to BHA’s. If you suffer with acne, black & white heads & clogged pores, BHA is the ingredient you need. It doesn’t get any simpler than Stridex touch pads. They are simple but highly effective & I recommend them wholeheartedly. It has been a major player in my acnce fighting routine.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, conatct me & I’ll be happy to supply you.

Good luck! x


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