Single Tasking

are-you-a-single-taskerIn a world where everything is fast paced & everyone is constantly on the go, how do we stay sane & achieve goals? The distractions are endless. Social media, the news, politics, people telling you what you should be doing etc needs to be filtered out. I don’t know about you but for me, I’ve been finding life very “noisy”. I found myself constantly being busy, running around, doing 10 things at once & yes still, I wasn’t being productive. I was just “Busy”. I hated it.

Recently, I took a few days off. Off as in OFF. I stayed at home, I did some personal growth work & even though I was still connected to the world I got so much done. Then I thought back. How was I able to do this? What was the REAL reason I was able to accomplish some growth? It’s actually because I was single tasking. I woke up at 7am & I carefully, purposefully went about my day. I did one thing at a time & I concentrated on it & savoured the moment. Sounds silly right? Like one of those coffee commercials? Well it was actually amazing & did wonders for me. I felt like in a couple days, I grew so much. I brushed my teeth, I made some coffee, I sat down. I wrote in my journal, I made a list on Keep on my phone for my tasks for the day, I turned on my laptop & I only opened one tab. When I was finished with that, I went onto another. I didn’t keep checking my phone. I focused on each task & only that task. This is what you call Single Tasking. Doing one task at a time, doing it well & then moving on. I didn’t feel stressed & I didn’t feel “Busy”. (I think I really dislike that word “Busy”)

What resulted from doing this as a habit for a few days was life changing. No I’m not being dramatic, it actually was. I now know that multitasking is a brain killer. You literally run around all day & at the end of the day not much really happened for you. Multitasking has its place. There are times when its needed & you achieve results. Single tasking however, when it comes to you & growth may be the way to go. It certainly showed me something brand new! How about you? Are you a constant multi-tasker or a single-tasker? Let me know πŸ™‚

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  1. I feel if I single task it’ll seem like if I’m not getting enough done. I constantly check my phone. Maybe I need to slow it down LOL. Guess I’ll have to start taking things at a slower pace; may open my eyes to things I’ve missed.


    1. You wouldn’t believe how many things I’ve gotten done and gotten done faster since I’ve started single tasking. It’s amazing and there’s definitely something to it πŸ™‚


  2. Girl the one tab open thing got me lol. Yesterday my best friend visited and went on my laptop. When he opened it he’s like wth, why do you have all these things open lol. He couldn’t function. He has to go open his own separate tab to do what he needed to do lol. Here I was explaining that I had so many things open meaning to read them and I don’t want to close it cause I won’t remember etc. Imagine those things have been opened for weeks and I haven’t gotten to them as yet whew. It totally makes you overwhelm thinking about it now. I would take that advice and do one tab at a time lol.


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