Put on your mask first

mask.pngIt’s a line we always hear during the safety briefings at the beginning of a flight. While you hear about oxygen masks, you will always be told to put your own mask on before helping others. Why is this important?

It never made sense to me before why they would always say this. How can you abandon someone else’s needs and put your mask on first? That’s just selfish & rude don’t you think?

I was taught to always help others before you help yourself. To always think of others first and put them before you – but when we are heavily flawed and unsure of ourselves, what are we passing onto someone else? How can you be of assistance if you are not in a position to be helpful. You may have the knowledge, you may have the skill, but what about areas in which you are helpless. What about passion, empathy, physical well being? In the scenario with an airplane in an emergency situation, you are told to apply your mask first. This is because if you are not breathing properly, you cannot help anyone around you. It’s the same with life.

Self love is not selfish, wrong, evil, arrogant or anything a lot of us are taught. Self love is putting yourself first, taking care of yourself so that you can be of service to others. We all should be able to help someone in one way or another, but we need to be properly equipped to do so. When we are comfortable in our own skin and who who we are, we can do incredible things. Are you prepared to help someone today? Is your mask on?

Love & Light x


10 thoughts on “Put on your mask first

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  1. It does makes sense because you can’t help others if you pass out or is delirious from lack of oxygen. Just like life; you should take care of yourself in order to give proper care to someone else. For example, happy mommy, happy baby.


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