Hannah Welcome To Your Tape

13 reasons whyI watched the whole season & I am reeling from the emotions. I cannot pull myself together yet so I had to write about this! Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen it before…

I don’t know if its just me but the first few emotions I had were: I like Clay – he’s a decent human being. I like Tony – I’m not 100% sure as yet if I trust him & lastly, I did not like Hannah. Don’t stone me yet. Hear me out.

I REALLY wanted to like Hannah & justify what she was going thru. I have been a victim of harsh bullying when I was younger so I can completely identify with the emotions & how it can break you in ever way imaginable. During the course of the episodes however, many of the other characters said out right what I was thinking of Hannah. She is drama & a lot of what came her way was her bringing it on herself. To me, she craved attention. When Zach first said to her that she brings about a lot of her issues to herself, I yelled out “Exactly!” Even Tony, who has the most patience throughout this show, said the same about her. That sealed it for me.

Hannah was a super touchy, overly sensitive young lady. She constantly wanted the other person to go the extra mile to show love or concern or whatever she expected at the moment, to her. She always expected someone to read her mind. She was sarcastic & snappy & not at all shy to speak to someone or make a friend. Her personality traits are at 2 opposite poles.

Of course no one had ANY right to bully her & I will never condone it but bullying continuously happens & on an everyday basis &Β has been happening for many years. She was not the only child bullied. Tyler was bullied daily, consistently & physically abused. Justin was bullied to hell and back at home by his own mother & whoever her crackhead boyfriend was at the time. Alex also had many issues that he could not work out. Everyone has their story. I understand that the point of this show is that not everyone is equipped to tolerate the same levels of treatment. AGAIN – I completely understand the main point this show tried to convey. That bullying is awful & you never know what you can say or do to trigger someone who is unstable. I get it.

I think the point of the story also is that, we all have a role to play when it comes to bullying. Parents need to pay closer attention, even though they are often busy providing for their families. Teachers need to put the needs of students FIRST even if it means their careers. Counselors need to equip children psychologically to understand what is being done to them, why it’s being done & to TRY to adjust to it. Friends need to be more aware that what they say or do can deeply affect another. Most of all we need to learn to communicate! I don’t know how many times I yelled at the screen “JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT/NEED!”.

This show really crawled under my skin. So many issues could have been resolved if each person just spoke their mind. If Hannah said to Clay (in their intimate scene)Β that she isn’t ok & that she would like him to stay, so many things could have been avoided. How do you expect to tell a guy to “get the f*** out of here” more than once & expect that he should still stay? Especially in a situation where intimacy is concerned. There are so many things that can go wrong for him even though he had the best intentions. What is she accused him of rape later? Of course he had to leave. I wouldn’t stay either. She was clear to him, that she didn’t want him there. Absolutely clear. I am not saying her reason was poor. She had every right to feel the things she felt because she went through a lot of trauma with other boys, but she knew in that moment that she sent Clay away, that she wanted him to stay & that’s what did it for me. It’s not like she thought about it many days later. She knew right there & then that she wanted him to stay. She is constantly testing someone.

Hannah – welcome to your tape…

How could you leave Jessica – who was raped in front of your very eyes – laying unconscious in her bed & then turn around & tell Sherri to do the right thing & call 911 when she broke the Stop sign? Really? What kind of double standard is that? Why didn’t you bring attention to the fact that Jessica was raped in her OWN BED. The way that you’re always wanting everyone to go the extra mile for you, why didn’t you do this for Jessica who you used to care for? Ok so you wanted to tell Clay what happened & what caused Jeff to be gruesomely killed in the car crash. Why didn’t you try harder? You’re the one that pushed him away. Hannah you frustrated me with all the woulda, shoulda, couldas. I sympathize with you, that you were raped by Bryce that disgusting creep. Hannah WHY ON EARTH do you get into a hot tub at a RAPIST’S house. In no way & I mean NO WAY am I saying that you subjected yourself to that. NEVER. But Hannah – you SAW Bryce rape Jessica – again – In HER OWN BED. You KNEW he was a rapist. Give me 13 reasons WHY you would climb into a hot tub in your UNDER GARMENTS in HIS house – on his turf. It’s one thing to do whatever you want & another not to exercise caution. Hannah you went to the school counselor. He dismissed you & told you to deal through it. That’s AWFUL but Hannah you cannot give up. What about your parents. How will your actions affect them? Your actions affected so many other people – with your tapes. What did Clay ever do to deserve the turmoil he went through because of you? You wanted to be a poet & wrote about black lace underwear. I rolled my eyes hard. You constantly craved attention but when you got it, you felt like you were being sexualized. When you went to Jessica’s party, you said “for once I wouldn’t be invisible”. What did you REALLY want Hannah?

I honestly wanted to like you but you were too much for me. I’m sorry if you guys liked Hannah, but I have to be honest with myself.

13 Reasons Why was a show with a purpose – to bring light to a subject that no one wants to talk about, but that is prevalent in all schools in every country. My issue was that as much as the end scene was gruesome, heart-wrenching & made you turn & look away, we really need to understand how this can affect kids that are watching this program. I almost felt like it was leaning towards suicide being a resolution if you are bullied & I don’t like that it made me think that for even the splittest of nano seconds.

Love & Light x


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  1. Hannah Hannah. I know she was hurting like every other kid but she needed to speak up. How can you do all of this: make tapes, made everyone feel like they killed you, make your parents suffer, make clay suffer and still make this about Hannah?! I felt more sorry for Justin than I did for her. What Bryce did was down right despicable and he should pay. Awaiting season 2.

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  2. lol you have me cracking up. I share some similar views especially why she got in that tub in her underwear on his turf. Why didn’t she jump out ad run, scream, do something. I felt as if she felt she deserved it for some reason. Gosh I hated BRYCE and i hated what Hannah put Clay through. I didn’t see the point of Tony and the part he played. I can understand Hannah’s craving to be visible but that think that was a very selfish act that as you said could have been sorted out through communication.

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    1. Yes! Thank you. I was having a hard time understanding why I was feelings these things while everyone around me was praising the show. I get that it has started conversations which is good but the direction they were going on scared me. Hannah lacked communication skills and she liked dramatics. I didn’t get any indication that she suffered from anxiety – she made friends easily – she just couldn’t keep them because she had unreasonable expectations of people and yet for all she couldn’t uphold her end of being a good friend. I didn’t think she was depressed either, just sad sometimes and emotional as most teens are. Thanks for your comment hun! x


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