Coconut Oil Magic

Coconut Oil Magic!I can’t seem to end my worship of coconut oil & what it does for me. If you suffer with uneven skin pigmentation, dryness, irritation, small bumps, uneven texture & yes even acne here is great news for you!

I suffer with acne. I write about my my daytime & nighttime routines describing why I use the products that I do. The star of the show is coconut oil which I’ve written a post about & the many benefits.

I wanted to talk about the extremely effective & fast healing benefits of coconut oil. The type of oil I’m referring to is cold-pressed, organic, virgin coconut oil. We are blessed here in Grenada to have organic coconut oil readily available to us. If you can’t find it locally I suggest you try the supermarkets. Just make sure the packaging states that it is “cold pressed” “organic” “unrefined” or “virgin”. Those are the key words to look for. 50% of the fat content in organic coconut oil is lauric acid. This is a powerful AHA which combats many problematic skin conditions. I’ve written a post about AHA’s & BHA’s here. Coconut oil contains more lauric acid than any other substance on earth and this acid destroys viruses & can stop infections rapidly. Coconut oil also has high anti-aging properties, protecting from free radicals when applied to skin.

I have been using it topically on my skin for over a year now & I’m always surprised at how fast it works. It even my skin’s texture & overall tone, it lightens acne scars, its make my skin supple, soft & hydrated & bet of all it will take down a pimple overnight. Yes overnight. Faster than benzoyl peroxide, faster than salicylic acid (more on acids here), faster than anything else I’ve ever put on a breakout. Even though I use coconut oil everynight, I am still prone to breakouts. There are many factors at play. Anytime I have a painful pimple that’s sitting below my skin, I massage 2 drops of coconut oil & leave it overnight. (you can apply in daytime as well – its undetectable). In the morning the pimple would have quickly reared its ugly face. I continue the same night and by the next day its ripe & can burst. The same night I apply the oil to the raw, open pimple no matter how awful it is. By the next morning its on its way out! Most times it already flattened & forms a scab. The great thing about coconut oil on raw pimples is its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. It quickly gets rid of the infection & stops it from spreading.

I watched my skin go from inflamed, swollen, itchy and angry to calm, even toned & all pimples flattened in 5 days. It is incredible. I urge anyone to try it – even if you don’t have acne. It works on literally ANY problematic skin condition & is an excellent source of hydration & anti-aging.

Have you ever tried coconut oil on your skin? What have been your experiences? I’d love to hear more! πŸ™‚


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  1. Coconut oil does wonders on my natural hair but surprisingly I’ve never used it on my face….. *shock-face* I’ll be getting a bottle and trying it over the long weekend just in cause I have any adverse reactions.

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  2. I love Coconut oil i use only on my skin – (no lotion only coconut oil) and my hair, not my face.. I used to use it on my face as my nightly moisturizer but it never worked for me.


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