Travel Diary – Hong Kong & China

Travel Diary East

I consider myself very fortunate & blessed to be able to travel to some of the most wonderful places on earth. This March, I ventured to Hong Kong & China with my mom.

20170305_082139 Grenada Takeoff

People usually ask how long it takes to get there. Well it depends on the routes you take. We headed to Miami first where we were in-transit for a few hours.

20170323_141601 MIA Airport

Travel tip! If you only have a few hours & you need to grab a bite, head to your gate first & look around that area for your meal. It will save you a lot of time in case your meal takes a while to be prepared. And also, stick to what you know! I made the mistake of being influenced by the server to order the special of the day at a restaurant I’ve never been to before. A very DRY, tasteless, salt-less OVERPRICED fish sandwich was served to me. Nothing I did to this made it taste any better. Lesson learned.

20170305_123125 Miami Meal

From Miami we connected to New York & needed to stay overnight.

20170305_173156 NY sign

One of my favourite aunts lives there & we stayed with her for the night. I love her cooking! She made us an immaculate dinner which I have no images of because I scarfed it down, but here is her breakfast made with love! Scrambled eggs, english muffin toast, Indian chai & fresh strawberries.

20170306_100845 Shirley breakfast

After breakfast, my aunt dropped us off at JFK airport for our flight to Hong Kong. Our seats were in Business Class on Cathay Pacific so after checking in we were allowed the use of the Business Class Lounge. It’s a great way to relax & have a snack (or even a full meal) before your flight, especially lengthy ones where you aren’t sure when you would eat next & your body is preparing to be confused by the many different time zones you’re about to enter.

20170322_083100 CP Lounge

The service on board was the best I’ve had in all my years of travel & the 16 hour flight didn’t seem as awful as it sounds.

20170306_152651 Cathay Pacific Meal

We finally arrived in Hong Kong. I’ve been here many times. My mom’s brother & sister live here & it’s one of my favourite cities in the world. The building my aunt lives in is in a beautiful area with a park downstairs & tons of shopping & restaurants.

20170307_204900 Arrival in HK20170308_130224 HK Taxi

We were in Hong Kong for one day before heading to China. My 2 aunts & uncle took my mom & I to a restaurant that they frequent – Mask. I love food as we all do but more than that I love trying new things, as of recently at least 🙂 The food was incredible.


20170308_134709 HK Mask Meal

The next day we left for China & my aunt joined us. It took many hours til we finally arrived. The land expands as far as your eye can see & beyond! The environment was clean, the air fresh & the people so friendly. They did their best to communicate even with the language barrier.

Here are a few of my favourite images.

Can you believe this image! I couldn’t do it full justice.

20170314_170820 China Bridge Shot20170314_170927 China City Shot

Colourful, fresh vegetables & fruits.

20170314_172851 Grocery1

20170314_173253 Grocery4

I’ve never had Dragon Fruit as pictured below. It was delicious.

dragon fruit

I have no idea what any of these candy are but they were recommended & I loved them all. There were many things I didn’t try because of the labels in a foreign language! Aren’t they so pretty though?

20170315_183630 China Candy

This is what I had for breakfast every morning. Chicken dimsum & noodles with bean sprout. I think I love Chinese cuisine because of salt, soy sauce & the chilis they serve. I like my food extra salty & spicy!

20170316_090436 China Breakfast

This gentleman whipped up some mixed Chinese vegetables with different types of noodles on his grill. There was no meat in this dish & I didn’t miss it one bit! So flavourful.

20170314_172555 Making Noodles

20170314_172717 Finish making noodles

These were sitting on the front desk of the lobby. So pretty.

20170316_144835 China flowers

Love the packaging!

20170314_173712 China Skittles

We left for Hong Kong again after a week in China. I had another 5 days before heading back home. I spent most of my time with my family, shopping, EATING 🙂 & drinking Tea. Indian chai as well as Chinese tea – which I loved! Speaking of tea…


My uncle knows my love for sushi & a new spot just opened up so he took me & my aunt. Sushi has been a popular cuisine in the west for the past several years but sometimes its tricky to get authentic sushi. That’s exactly what I got at Itacho Sushi.

20170317_205011 Itacho Sushi20170317_211240 Itacho Sushi 220170317_211229 Itcaho Sushi1

Traditional Japanese tea served in a cup that never gets hot. It remains cool to the touch no matter how hot or cool the contents are. Very cool.

20170317_210528 Itacho Cup

The next few days were spent relaxing. Showing you more images of the amazing food I had everywhere & a few sights!

20170318_151944 HK Waterfall20170318_152127 Me & Massi20170308_125949 Family HK

Dim Sum!

20170318_155709 HK Dim Sum More20170318_153010 HK Dim Sum

My cousin took me to a Taste of Hong Kong. An incredible food festival where I got to sample a lot of foods I’ve never had before. It was in an open area with a lots to see around.

20170318_191024 HK Subway20170318_223017 Taste of HK exit20170318_192638 Taste of HK Tree20170318_192604 Taste of HK Statue20170318_215537 Taste of HK food

20170318_190445 HK Night

The next day my aunt & cousin took me to an amazing restaurant for lunch called Nahm which serves Vietnamese & Thai cuisine.

20170319_133802 Nahm Menu20170319_134959 Nahm Satay20170319_135004 Nahm Spring Roll20170319_142846 Nahm meal20170319_153319 Nahm Desert

After some shopping we then went to Le Salon De The for cappuccinos & my favourite macaroons.

20170319_170910 Le Salon De The Menu20170319_173618 Cappuccino20170319_173320 Macaroons20170319_172230 Le Salon De The tart

My last day in Hong Kong was spent shopping at one of my favourite beauty stores “Sasa”. Its a must see if you’re ever in the East.

20170321_201503 Sasa20170321_235242 Sasa Bag


20170321_132553 king's lodge20170321_134213 kings lodge schezhuan

Last night. Enjoying the scenery & having a pleasant stroll while grabbing desert.

20170320_202440 HK Night20170320_202429 Macaroons20170320_202420 Fine Foods Cakes20170320_202301 Fine Foods Bag20170320_204219 Fine Foods Box20170320_204235 Fine Foods Elephant Ears20170321_223904 Fine Foods Rose Macaroon20170320_222713 Te Hana Rose

The next day we had an early flight heading back to New York, then Miami & then finally back home to Grenada.

The business lounge in Hong Kong was incredible! I wasn’t able to get any images because we had very little time but I did enjoy a light breakfast.

20170322_083100 CP Lounge

The service again was unbeatable.

20170322_175724 CP Meal

Manhattan at night.

20170322_204245 NY building20170323_090358 NY Apple

Miami International Airport, in-transit.

20170323_141601 MIA Airport20170323_160125 Miami Runway

I hope you enjoyed the images! If you need some more visual stimulation, check out my Vlog of my entire trip BELOW. Thanks for reading & watching!

Love & Light x


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