How to know when to quit

How to know when to quit...

I’ve been struggling with this one! “Persevere” was my word for the year. I have been determined to make a dent – in any way I can – and a significant one at that. It’s been very hard! I’ve had to come to terms with giving up a few times & there’s a constant battle as to whether I should or should not. Here’s how I figure out when to quit.

Firstly the term “quitters never win & winners never quit” is unsettling. It makes you feel as though, if you’ve quit, you’ve failed & that simply isn’t true! Learning when to quit & focus your energy on something else is what needs to be done for your benefit. Also – important to note – letting go & quitting are two different things. Letting go means taking every action required & then letting it go trusting it works out in its time. Quitting means not revisiting a task/option/job etc.

To avoid agonizing & sleepless nights, firstly understand that making the decision to quit should never cause you to question your SELF WORTH or COMPETENCE. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do & the last resort as well. Once you know you’ve taken every step possible to make something work, followed up & gotten advice from people you trust but nothing materializes, move on. Consider the following:

  • It may not be for you/may not be for you anymore
  • It’s creating negativity in your life
  • There is no way to move forward
  • No more growth can be achieved
  • It’s holding you back from moving forward onto tasks that will be more fruitful
  • It’s just wasting your precious time
  • It’s causing anxiety, unrest, unhappiness & several other negative emotions
  • You don’t feel passionate about it anymore

If you feel very strongly about any of the above them its seriously time to consider quitting. I try to remind myself that its okay & I have other options -that my sanity and time is more important to me than agonizing over something I have no control over. Hope this helps.

Love & Light x


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  1. There is nothing more discouraging than ‘beating a dead horse’ as people say. I think with time and maturity we get better at letting go. It’s just one of those skills that must be groomed.

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