Just A Few Life Updates…

Update BlogI haven’t forgotten about my blog nor have I been neglecting it…even though it may seem that way. I have been going through a transitional phase in life. For the past few months I’ve literally been “catching myself”. I’ll spare the details just to let you know that I’ve come to love what I do even more than ever before. I don’t have a title – and I can now admit that I bullied myself for years into thinking that I needed one – I am now okay with its absence. I am finally at peace with knowing that I am a work in progress & all I need to do is live everyday to the best of my ability & be grateful for my blessings.

If you’ve missed me from my Facebook page it’s because I made the conscious effort to stop scrolling & stop checking. I even disabled the app from my phone to get me into the practice of obsessing over the constant FOMO. I’ll be back but I’ve promised myself a few changes so I don’t obsess over things I have no control over. As for Instagram, I am checking my DM’s and I am posting pictures as usual but I’ve restricted myself from scrolling for long periods of times & instead I’m just seeing what friends & loved ones are getting up to and being happy for them. This has helped me a lot.

I’ve been to the UK for about 13 days & I strongly recommend that everyone get away every now & again. I can’t say that I can pinpoint anything spectacular that happened on this trip, but the change in atmosphere has me contemplating. Β Just the experience in itself can change you, refresh you & have you feeling grateful.

I cannot lie, I feel a huge sense of lack living in Grenada very often & I let it tear me to shreds sometimes. I compare my life to people who live out there in big cities with more opportunities & just basically a more functional, technologically sound, convenient lifestyle. I dislike that I have to sweep & mop my house in the heat. It’s my least favourite chore & it depresses me. I love seeing how people leisurely clean their homes in a nice cool environment & I crave it. I actually LOVE cleaning but doing it in the heat makes me so angry. I dislike that I don’t put data on my phone because the price cannot be justified for the amount of time I spend away from my home or my work wifi. Basically I’m usually connected via wifi but I’d love to always be connected even for the short time I’m away from it. The price of data for the small amount of usage really gets to me. I dislikeΒ that so many things are so costly. Lastly I really wish we had more stores for retail therapy because I really do find it helps as a pick me up when you feel a bit down. Complaints aside – I do feel grateful for many other things & I do feel like gratefulness leads to abundance. Sometimes, I just have to complain & let it all out. We can’t be positive all the time & it’s okay that I let myself be negative or vulnerable to those emotions. Someone who is a mentor and whom I now also consider a friend, Adele, has told me that it’s okay to have negative emotions – just don’t allow it any space or “real estate” in your life. That has been working wonders for me.

If you don’t know Adele, you are really missing out! I highly recommend you check out her YouTube channel. Adele is an internationally certified health and happiness coach & I have had the privilege of a one-on-one session with her that has led me to my root issues so that I may work on them. I am grateful that I have her presence in my life & if you would like to get in touch with her here’s her Instagram. Adele – THANK YOU.

I know I’ve been ranting a bit & I’ve always been so fearful about being judged for the things I share…But I am owning that this is my blog is my safe space to share ME & THANK YOU if you’ve taken the time out to read my mental updates. Lots more to come on my blog.

Love & Light Always x


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  1. Clean the house at night….that’s what I do most times when I clean. Thanks for your honesty. I used to be fearful of putting it all out there as there are some people who can be unkind when you share your truth. Then I turned 50 and thought “to hell with what others think!” Continue searching your soul.

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  2. Hi hun.

    I too have had the joy of spending time with adelle. What an amazing super happy being. I too am in such a confortable space.

    As for the cleaning – I share that difficulty too. So I got a cleaner. Cause I love my Little Rock of πŸ‡¬πŸ‡© Grenada.

    Retail help – oh Amazing Amazon.

    I don’t know you well or at all. But your dad and my dad are friends and just for that we are now friends.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Your name isn’t showing up so that I can see who I’m speaking to though. Can you share via DM my Instagram? @dolliedaze. Thanks! 😊


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