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I have been a student of the Law of Attraction for the past 10 years – ever since I first saw “The Secret” in 2007. I go through phases of empowerment and discouragement. It’s a roller coaster. You can feel fear & exhilaration at the same time.

The first few years I thought that all we needed were just the thoughts. So I thought all the pretty things but they didn’t manifest. I was younger then so I didn’t understand what I wanted either. I was not clear with The Universe. A few years later I learnt that ACTION was an essential step & that without it we couldn’t manifest the ideas & thoughts.
Self help as it was first called is now self development. I’m guessing the word “help” meant that something was “wrong” so development was used to replace that word. We could all use help though whether its in our careers, relationships or health. I have been wanting a coach and or mentor for a long time. The tricky part is finding someone that fits your personality and/or needs. I was frustrated at first and decided to go inwards. What did I need from a mentor? I started recalling all the amazing women who have influenced my life. Firstly my mom. She is a SUPER SHERO. She literally can do anything. She can organize anything, cook everything & her love & devotion to her family, friends & most times strangers knows no boundary. I’ve had 3 phenomenal women bosses. They all have given me knowledge and shared invaluable experiences with me. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what I did at that point to deserve them, but The Universe has shown me now that they were an integral part of who I am as a person today.
I set my intention this year to find ONE coach & instead The Universe sent me THREE! I wanted to share these 3 ladies with all of you & to let you know that its okay to ask for help when you need clarity & direction. Sometimes you just want an outside perspective. Each of these women offer a different type of coaching/mentoring.

Abi Ventour – Confidence Mentor for Introvert Professionals


Abi Ventour is a Confidence Mentor for Introvert Professionals. She lives on the beautiful island of Grenada.
As a mentor she supports her clients in:
– identifying their personality power
-helping them build a life with fulfillment, success and great relationships both professionally and personally
– developing actionable ways to creating a life that they desire.
Abi’s goal is to help people develop their confidence by giving them the tools they require to start building the life they want. (source: Abi Ventour)

Abi smiles with her WHOLE HEART. You won’t be able to hold back smiling too. Her demeanor is warm & comforting. She seems like an friend you’ve known for years. The conversation just flows freely and the session starts at a positive frequency. Abi is a motivational coach/mentor. You feel very hopeful after speaking to Abi. She gives you a solid game plan tailored to your needs. The results you see is dependent on you doing the work & retaining a routine that Abi recommends you follow. I highly recommend her especially if you are an introvert wanting to gain confidence to pursue all your dreams. Thanks Abi for all your help. You are an amazing human being. Follow Abi here: Abi Instagram

La Shell Wooten – An Inspirational Coach (

La Shell

La Shell is a vibrant on-camera personality, personal development specialist, inspiring speaker and writer with an accomplished career in mental health therapy and life coaching that have proven to be impactful and effective.

For twenty years, La Shell has used counseling, coaching and the tools of feng shui to effectively guided clients through letting go of useless habits in order to help them repair their spirit, homes, emotions and dysfunctional relationships. Her rapidly growing fans describe her as an emotional fitness trainer and motivator. In-person, in print or on-camera, her personality is big and infectious. Her skills are vast and her instincts about what is truly challenging her clients are joyfully appreciated by those lucky enough to share their story with her.

La Shell offers priceless observations and insight in a wide variety of topics from childhood development and parenting in the 21st century to discovering your true desires and living in a healthy home. (source:

I met La Shell on a wellness retreat here in Grenada. It was an incredible experience. To learn more about their other retreats check out their website: The minute she spoke I was mesmerized. La Shell said ONE thing that resonated with me and as far as I was concerned at that point she was a mentor for me. I stalked her a bit throughout the retreat and got a chance to speak to her one on one. La Shell is like your sister. She knows exactly what you need to hear and gives it to you straight. She is a a treasure chest of knowledge, guidance & wisdom combined with her big, bright, colourful personality. She walks her talk! She lives intentionally & passionately everyday & I am sure I still have a lot to gain from La Shell. Follow her on Instagram here La Shell IG & she also has a YouTube channel.

Adele F. Smith – A Transformational Coach (


Adele is an internationally accredited and certified Happiness and Health Coach and Speaker. Born in the Caribbean. Adele has spent the last 15 years in Australia where she studied and worked with some of the worlds best schools and mentor’s from Australian Institute of Fitness, Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Tony Robbins Coaching and Doreen Virtue. Adele believes that we have the power to heal ourselves on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, if we get out of our heads and into our souls, listen to our inner wisdom and guidance (our intuition) and take the necessary actions on a daily and regular basis. (source:
Adele is my current coach & mentor. She has been in my life for a little over 3 months & I am completely in love with everything she says & does. She is a walking testament of all her advice. She lives each day intentionally & passionately. Adele’s main motto is that we are in control of our lives & that we need to do the work necessary & continually connect to our source (whoever your source may be for you). I have achieved a lot of growth since meeting with Adele. I am clear on what I should & shouldn’t do & I feel I am able to face & conquer issues one day at a time. I am committed to showing up everyday for myself. I got answers to all the questions I had. I cannot recommend Adele enough. Her spirit is a gift that she shares wholeheartedly with everyone she meets. Thank you Adele for being so generous with your knowledge & wisdom. Thanks for answering your calling & teaching us to do the same! You can follow Adele’s YouTube Channel where she shares Sunday readings that help guide your week. Also follow her in Instagram: Adele Instagram
If you’d like to reach any of these ladies, please send them a direct message on Instagram or follow their website links for more ways to contact them.
Love & Light x


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  1. Thanks for begging up these amazing women. I can attest to “The Adele Effect”. Just being around her inspires us to step up our game and believe in our own magic. We all need a coach or a mentor to guide us along our path. Sure we could trudge along on our own but there is nothing wrong with reaching out and getting some help.

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  2. I am glad you found your mentors. I’ve always thought I needed one but haven’t been successful as yet. Guess I have to put it out into the universe some more. I think its so important to have someone’s honest guidance in your life. It’s an added boost to your energy and inner strength.

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  3. Hi Divya

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I always tell myself that nothing beats back the power of growth… It’s really a beautiful thing.

    I will definitely be following them.

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