Waves of emotion running through a country thrown into grief. A sweet, innocent baby girl snatched mercilessly from earth by a broken soul. Grief has many faces, forms, avatars. It comes in disguise. It comes secretly. It comes forth boldly & repeatedly in everyone’s face. It doesn’t spare anyone. It’s unwelcome but yet it comes. Grief of parents, family, friends – a community. Grief for the broken one. The parents, family & friends. What broke you? How can we fix others like you?

Grief is a daughter losing her mother & father, months apart, from illness. One snatched slowly, one suddenly. Solitary. Standing alone. I wept for her. Parents are pillars. They are foundation. When rocked, when broken, when removed, what are we? It will never be the same. Grief this is what you do. You change things forever. Painfully.

Today I wept. Why does grief feel like it stretches for eternities? Happy times last months sometimes but vanish in a flash when grief comes. Grief can come & leave but its essence remains lingering forever.

Life – you give, you take. When you give, we rejoice. When you take, its unbearable.

I am so sorry for everyone in pain right now. I am so sorry that you’re at this cross road. I wish you pass through the worst of the pain as quickly as possible so you can begin to heal. I wish your tears stop soon & you will contemplate beginning again. I wish you warm hugs from dear ones. I wish you peace filled nights….soon.

I uplift you in my prayers.

Loves & Light x


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